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Terribly good: The new Putzmeister BSA D4 Concrete Pumps

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Strict emissions legislation for Europe and the USA

Aichtal, November 2015 – Even prior to the Kyoto protocol of December 1997 provisions were introduced in Europe and the USA, which reduce the concentration of pollutants in the exhaust gases of diesel engines gradually. For almost 24 months Stage IV or Tier 4 final applies for construction machinery, hence also including the stationary concrete pumps from Putzmeister, the BSA D4 series.


Therefore, diesel operated construction machinery put into service in the respective countries has to comply with the legal limits of this directive. Particularly in inner city areas and in green zones, this machinery can then be used without any problems in the future, too.

The aim: Cleaner air

The aim of the existing directive 97/68/EC is to reduce nitrogen oxide and particle emissions by 90% in the long term and to contribute towards the improvement of air quality with the current limits.

The method: Emission reduction

All Putzmeister BSA D4 models have efficient exhaust after-treatment systems that reduce soluble particles and diesel soot significantly by means of a diesel particle filter and simultaneously reduce nitrogen oxide considerably with the help of "selective catalytic reduction". Moreover, the new machines may only be filled with sulphur-free diesel fuel, and for further exhaust gas cleaning, also require the addition of a urea-based diesel exhaust fluid (AdBlueÒ).



The benefit: Savings potential thanks to less fuel

During the development of the BSA D4 models, the Putzmeister engineers not only concentrated on compliance with the emission directives, but they also wanted to provide additional competitive benefits for their customers. And they managed to achieve this through less fuel consumption (up to 10% on average) and thus lower operating costs than previously. In addition, the operational behavior of the new Putzmeister generation of stationary concrete pumps is characterized by even more quietness and thus ensures more comfortable work.

Did you know?

The "Tier 4 final" directive has nothing to do with vegan, vegetarian or animal (the German word for animal is "Tier"). The German translation of the English word "Tier" is "Reihe" and was applied word-for-word in Europe as the term for the specifications on air pollution control.

The directives applicable since 01.01.2014 define the requirements of the current exhaust-emission legislation that the Putzmeister BSA D4 concrete pumps meet without any restrictions with regard to economical efficiency and user-friendliness.


About the Putzmeister Group

The Putzmeister Group develops and produces machinery of high technological quality in the fields of concrete conveying, truck-mounted concrete pumps, stationary concrete pumps, placing booms and accessories, plant technology, conveying viscous industrial materials through pipes, concrete placement and transporting excavated material from tunnels and below ground, mortar machines, plastering machines, screed conveying, injection and specialist applications. Market segments include the construction industry, mining and tunnelling, large industrial projects, power plants and sewage treatment plants, as well as waste incineration plants, all over the world.


The company is based in Aichtal. With approximately 3,000 employees, the company achieved a turnover of roughly EUR 691 million in the year 2014.


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